Experience Fruit Picking in Japan

Make reservations and enjoy picking delicious and safe Japanese fruits.

Why They’re Delicious

Fruit producers and research institutions are constantly working on improving the flavor of each fruit variety. For example, strawberries alone are said to have more than 250 distinct varieties, and about 90% of these are cultivated in Japan.

Why They’re Safe

Around the world, Japanese consumers are the most demanding when it comes to product quality. Not only that, but Japanese producers are very focused on safety, and only want to cultivate agricultural products that they would feel right serving to their children and grandchildren. These fruits are very safe because both the consumers and producers are highly aware of product standards.

Why It’s Fun

“One of the virtues held dear by the Japanese is that of “”omotenashi”” or hospitality, and no where is this more clear than in the atmosphere or hearts of the staff.
During the different seasons you can not only enjoy eating fresh fruits, but also appreciate the beauty of the natural Japanese landscape around you.
For visitors to Japan, this is an experience that you just can’t have anywhere else.”

Fruit Picking Maps

Experience Fruit Picking in Japan

Harvesting Calendar

As the seasons and times for harvesting experiences vary by both crop and facility, please confirm the details of the course that you are interested in on that particular page.

This table was compiled based on data taken from the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market and as such there may be some differences with regards to locations outside of the greater Tokyo area.In addition, the given weather conditions of the season may also affect the prices, so please consider this as a reference only.
** Source: Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market (Market Statistical Information: 2012-2016).