In this article, we will introduce Tochigi, a prefecture in the northern part of Japan’s Kanto Region. It takes only two hours by car to get from Tokyo to the prefecture’s capital, Utsunomiya city. Places such as Nikko and Kegon Falls, with an astonishing 97 meters in height, have already been very well known all over the world, especially since their listing in the UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

However, one more extraordinary place has recently been stealing the spotlight and the sympathies of people around the globe – the Ashigaka Flower Park, with its wonderful display of different flowers blooming lavishly each season. As for the famous gourmet food, one should certainly try out the famous Tochigi gyoza, at one of many well-known gyoza restaurants in this area.

Also, Tochigi is Japan’s leading prefecture when it comes to cultivating delicious strawberries, so there is a variety of widely known strawberry brands, such as Tochiotome, Skyberry, and other. Every summer, many strawberry-picking farms are swarming with visitors who would like to partake in the delicious and exciting activity of “picking your own strawberries”, so the farms get busy and lively with energetic crowds of people. This special edition features all the information about Tochigi’s cultural attractions, gourmet food, the wonders of its natural habitat, as well as many other charms of Tochigi prefecture.

  • Tochigi’s Agricultural Products

    Tochigi is approximately 100km from Tokyo, which is conveniently located about 50 minutes by the Shinkansen (bullet train). The prefecture is blessed with excellent farming conditions such as flat and spacious land, abundant water resources, fertile soil, and a mild climate. This rich environment cultivated by highly skilled farmers allows Tochigi to produce a variety of agricultural products that reign supreme nationwide.

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