It takes about two hours by train to Gunma from Tokyo. This prefecture boasts beautiful nature, most notably the three mountains referred to as Jomo-Sanzan and the Tone River.
It is also famous for hot springs (onsen). Many international and domestic tourists visit popular resorts such as Kusatsu, Ikaho, Minakami, and Shima.
Gunma is also known for excellent local products such as Joshu Wagyu beef, Shimonita negi (leek), and shiitake mushrooms. Additionally, Gunma is renowned for its fruit production. It even develops original varieties of strawberries and apples. Do try these delicious fruit on your next visit to Gunma!

Gunma Fruit

Well-known for its fruit production, Gunma Prefecture also develops original fruit varieties.

  • Grapes (from August to October)

    This variety of grapes is grown from the plains to the mountainous regions of Gunma.
    At tourist farms, visitors can begin by tasting and purchasing the sweet-tasting Delaware grapes. There are other popular varieties available, such as the Kyoho, Pione, Fujiminori, Aki Queen, and Shine Muscat—a relatively new type. They can all be savored right after the harvest.

  • Asian Pears (from August to November)

    According to history records, Asian pears (nashi) have been grown in Gunma from the Edo Period (1603-1868).
    Many may be familiar with well-known varieties grown here, most notably Kosui, Hosui, Akizuki, Nijisseiki, Nansui, and Niitaka. However, some rare pears can only be purchased at the place where they are produced.
    Visitors can enjoy large, tasty pears that are grown with care and harvested at just the right time in Gunma.

  • Cherries (from June to July)

    Gunma is the place to go cherry picking in the greater Tokyo area. Various varieties such as the Sato Nishiki, Beni Shuho, and Beni Sayaka are grown here.
    Cherries tend to be influenced by climate conditions. To produce large, flavorful cherries, Gunma farmers ensure that their crops receive plenty of sunlight. Additionally, they painstakingly check the temperature and prune the trees throughout the year.

Fruit Picking Maps