Deai no Mori Ichigoen

  • Strawberries

The number of repeat visitors to Deai no Mori Ichigoen has been growing steadily since their opening 12 years ago. Here, not only will you find tochiotome strawberries, but also the exclusive tochihime type, which are not sold in stores, and the high quality sky berry, which took 17 years of work by the Strawberry Research Institute to produce a single plant from 10,000 that had the perfect balance of sourness and sweetness to its fruit.

With intense focus on their soil culture and cultivation techniques, and a dedication to providing fully ripened red berries to consumers, their successive manufacturing process is one of the distinctions of Deai no Mori Ichigoen.

There is a 30 minute all-you-can-eat strawberry picking course for the sweet and juicy tochiotome strawberries here as well! There are also greenhouses here that are stroller and wheelchair accessible, making this a great, barrier-free place to visit for families with small children or with elderly relatives. In fact, three generations of families have come here to pick strawberries together too.

“I’ll have to rely on body language and hand gestures, but visitors from overseas are more than welcome here too.” They are also fully equipped with wi-fi, which is another point that is sure to please those traveling from abroad.

Here you can also take part in lectures on various ways of eating strawberries, such as one about how large seeded strawberries taste best when eaten from the side. The farm itself is not very large, so tour groups will have a tough time visiting here, but smaller groups of friends, families, and couples are sure to enjoy strawberry picking together. Please reserve your strawberry picking time three days in advance by either email or telephone.

Farm Name Deai no Mori Ichigoen
Farm Information This is a barrier free strawberry farm, where both wheelchair users and those with strollers can freely move about. Strawberries can be purchased as souvenirs, and there is a morning-limited strawberry home delivery service as well. A caravan camping area and hot spring facilities are located nearby, which makes this a great place to spend the day.
Admission Fee 30 minute all-you-can-eat course. January-May adults 900-1500 yen, elementary school age and up 800-1300 yen, small children 650-800 yen, seniors (over 65) 800-1300 yen (depends on the season and conditions, please inquire). ** Seniors visiting with their family must bring proper identification to receive the discount.
Hours 10:00-16:00
Closed Open all season (closed if there aren't any ripe strawberries)
Phone Number 0289-60-0175
Postal Code 322-0047
Address Tochigi, Kanuma, Sakenoya 929-1
Nearest Station Shin-Kanuma Station
Access from the Station From Shin-Kanuma Station, take the Nanma Line Ri Bus for 15 minutes, and get off at Fukushi Center, it's right by the stop. Or a 10 minute drive from the station.
Access by Car Prefectural Route 6 via Tohoku Expressway Kanuma Interchange 10km/20 minutes
Wi-Fi Available
Credit card Not available
Language support Possible. Having an interpreter would be best.

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