Usami Farm

  • Mikan Oranges

Usami Farm, located in Shizuoka prefecture’s Ito city, is a mikan orange farm with a history going back more than one hundred years. Up to fifty years ago they started mikangari, in which people visit and pick their own mikans, and now they are considered to be one of the main tourist farms in the Ito region.

On the farm, satsuma mandarin oranges can be picked from October 1st until the end of January of each year, sweet spring mandarin oranges are available from mid January until late February, and amanatsu, a yellowish-orange citrus fruit, can be picked from February 1st until the end of June.

On those occasions when you won’t be taking any oranges home with you, you can eat all the oranges you want to on the farm premises, for a reasonable fee of 400 yen. When you’d like to take some oranges home as a souvenir, a separate fee is required. For satsuma oranges there are three price systems depending on how many you’d like to take home; 600 yen, 800 yen, and 1,000 yen. For sweet spring oranges and amanatsu citrus fruit there are two pricing systems; 800 yen and 1,000 yen.

Barbecues are held throughout the year on the farm. Fresh meat, fish and vegetables from the local area make a hearty meal that will satisfy the biggest of appetites. To enjoy the barbecues, you don’t need to bring anything but yourself, so we’ve been told that many people drop in for the barbecue after picking mandarin oranges.

In addition, craft beers are brewed on the farm’s premises. Visitors can purchase these beers at the farm’s store and can also order them during a barbecue.

Usami Farm, located high atop a hill, has the perfect location with a great view of the ocean off in the distance.

With the mikan orange picking, delicious barbecues, and great shopping, please enjoy yourself fully at Usami Farm.

Farm Name Usami Farm
Farm Information Usami Farm, located in Shizuoka prefecture’s Ito city, is a mikan orange farm with a history dating back more than 100 years. In addition to mikan and amanatsu (hybrid citrus fruit) picking, visitors can also enjoy a barbecue using fresh ingredients from the local area.
Admission Fee Depends on the fruit variety.
Hours 8:30-16:30 (last entry to the farm is at 16:00)
Closed Open every day of the year.
Phone Number 0557-48-7026
Postal Code 414-0001
Address Shizuoka, Ito, Usami 3506-2
Nearest Station Usami Station (JR Ito Line)
Access from the Station 25 minutes on foot from Usami Station (JR Ito Line)
Access by Car 25 minutes by car from Atami.
Wi-Fi None
Credit card None
Language support Japanese only.

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