Izu Fruit Park

  • Melons
  • Mikan Oranges
  • Strawberries

Izu Fruit Park is a farm located in Shizuoka prefecture’s Mishima city. Visitors can enjoy picking strawberries, mikan oranges, melons and other fruit throughout the year.

The farm’s fruit recommendation is the strawberries. There are different varieties including benihoppe, which are sweet with just the right amount of tartness and a light, refreshing taste; and akihime, which have a full-bodied sweetness and a slight tartness. While on the farm, visitors can eat as many as they want to.

The strawberries here are grown in raised beds placed on racks that are elevated above the ground. When it comes time to pick them, visitors need not worry about the mud and dirt that comes along with conventional growing methods.

For the strawberry picking (all-you-can-eat), visitors also receive a serving of condensed milk, which makes the perfect accompaniment. Pour liberal amounts of condensed milk on the strawberries and enjoy a slightly different kind of taste.

2018 strawberry picking will begin in January. Start times usually depend on the year. It’s often said that the most delicious strawberries are the ones picked during the year’s first harvest, so we recommend going early during the picking season.

The farm has a large restaurant so it can accommodate group visits as well. On sunny days you can see Mount Fuji, making this a wonderful spot. Here you can sample luxurious meals that use fresh seafood caught in local waters.

On the farm premises, there’s also a large retail store, a shop making cheesecakes, and a shrimp cracker factory, giving customers a wide selection of souvenirs to choose from.

While tasting delicious fare and taking in the spectacular scenery, please make yourself at home and have a relaxing time here.

Farm Name Izu Fruit Park
Farm Information Izu Fruit Park is a farm that cultivates strawberries, mikan oranges and melons. On the farm premises there’s also a large store, a shop that makes cheese cakes, and a shrimp cracker factory, so you can buy a variety of souvenirs. In the restaurant, you can savor luxurious food that uses seafood caught in the local waters.
Admission Fee Price depends on the fruit variety and the time of year.
Hours 8:30-19:30 (Fruit picking is from 9:00-14:00 and the restaurant is open from 11:00-14:00).
Closed Open every day of the year.
Phone Number 055-971-1151
Postal Code 411-0016
Address Shizuoka, Mishima, Tsukahara Shinden 181-1
Nearest Station JR Mishima Station
Access from the Station At JR Mishima Station take a bus or taxi (travel time is 15 minutes one way).
Access by Car From Mishima Tsukahara Interchange it takes 1 minute by car.
Wi-Fi None
Credit card None
Language support English and Tagalog.

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