Tomomien Farm

  • Grapes
  • Peaches

Tomomien is a popular farm for tourists with an easy access, a thirty-minute car ride away from Okayama Station. Peaches, Pione grapes and muscats are cultivated at this farm.

Visitors should try the peaches first. There are about 25 types available, including “Shimizu Hakuto,” a special product of Okayama Prefecture.

The size of Tomomien is about 15,000 square meters, where visitors can enjoy picking various fruits. In the peach picking tour, participants can pick one or two peaches as souvenirs, and taste the peaches which are cooled in advance. Please note that the picking tour requires a reservation in advance, which can be made in English, Chinese or Korean, via the net.

Tomomien welcomes a large number of visitors from abroad. Their website is multilingual (English, Chinese and Korean), so reservations can be made easily. Some of the staff can speak English and Chinese, so visitors need not to worry.

After the fruit picking, try the “Hakuto Premium” soft-serve ice cream at the direct sales depot in the farm. This is a sumptuous treat, as the hakuto (white peach) pulp is mixed with the ice cream, and served with a peach slice on top. Even the local residents visit Tomomien just to taste this ice cream.

If you have the chance, visit Tomomien, and try the sweet, delicious fruits cultivated in the bright sunshine.

Farm Name Tomomien Farm
Farm Information Tomomien is a farm for tourists, cultivating 25 types of peaches, Pione grapes and muscats. Some of the staff can speak English and Chinese, so the farm is well-equipped to handle a large number of visitors from abroad.
Admission Fee 1000 yen (picking one peach and tasting one peach) or 2000 yen (picking two peaches and tasting two peaches)
Hours 8:30 - 18:30
Closed There are no closed days during the picking tour season. From October to June, the orchard will be closed on Tuesdays.
Phone Number 086-955-1928
Postal Code 709-0817
Address Okayama, Akaiwa, Kami-ichi 218-1
Nearest Station JR Okayama Station
Access from the Station 30 minute car ride from Okayama Station.
Access by Car 10 minutes from Sanyo Interchange of Sanyo Expressway. 60 minutes from Mimasaka Interchange of Chugoku Expressway
Wi-Fi None
Credit card None
Language support English, Chinese and Korean

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