Okayama Farmers Market North Village

  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries

Okayama Farmers Market North Village is a farm of a recreational type, located in Shoocho in Okayama Prefecture. Being situated in the northeast part of Okayama Prefecture, it is surrounded by beautiful nature, making it a peaceful, serene city.

In this gigantic park with over 20 ha, other than farming and physical training-intended facilities, visitors can also enjoy meeting the animals in the park’s Fureai Zoo, and indulge in various activities. They can also eat, drink, and even stay the night, since there are restaurants and lodging facilities available, too.

As for the recreation involving farming and fruit-picking, visitors to park can partake in strawberry-picking from January to May, and in blueberry-picking from the middle of July, until the beginning of September. The strawberry-picking activity includes a wonderful chance to eat to your heart’s content during the period of 50 minutes, while collecting the three brands of strawberries grown in the greenhouses – Benihoppe, Sagahonoka, and Akihime. The fare for adults is 1500 yen, for elementary school students and younger 1300 yen, for 3-year old children and younger 700 yen. Also, visitors can buy the delicious strawberries for 200 yen per 100g.

During the summer, everybody can take pleasure in collecting the tasty blueberries. However, this activity doesn’t have all-you-can-eat option included, but you can still savor some freshly picked blueberries for 300 yen (one cup), or 200 yen (for 100g).

But Okayama Farmers Market North Village offers other joyful pastime as well – other than picking fruits, visitors can try some horse riding at the Fureai Zoo, or spend some time with other animals while feeding them to their favorite food. For those who fancy romantic places with great view, we recommend staying the night at the lodging house built on the mountain side – there are countless ways to spend an unforgettable vacation and create many beautiful memories. How about spending some lovely time here with your family, friends, or your spouse?

Farm Name Okayama Farmers Market North Village
Farm Information Okayama Farmers Market North Village is a farm producing strawberries and blueberries, where visitors can take part in many interesting activities. There are recreational facilities, a zoo, where you can spend time with animals, restaurants, and a lodging facility. Why not visit this amusement farm together with your family or friends?
Admission Fee Strawberry-picking: adults 1500 yen, elementary school students and younger children 1300 yen, 3-year old children and younger 700 yen; blueberry-picking: 1 cup 300 yen; or 200 yen for 100 g.
Hours From 9:00 until 17:00; during Obon holiday (from August 11th until August 15th): from 9:00 until 19:00
Closed every Wednesday
Phone Number 0868-38-1234
Postal Code 709-4311
Address Okayama, Katsuta, Shoocho Oka 1100
Nearest Station Katsumada Station
Access from the Station A 20 minute walk (or 5 minutes by taxi) from Katsumada Station
Access by Car 10 minutes from Mimasaka IC of Chugoku Expressway, 3 minutes from Shoo IC of Chugoku Expressway
Wi-Fi None
Credit card None
Language support Simple English

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