Kichiji Orchards

  • Apples
  • Grapes
  • Japanese Pears
  • Mikan Oranges
  • Persimmons
  • Strawberries

Tourist Farm Kichiji Orchards, located in Kumamoto in central Kyushu, is a tourism farm where visitors can come anytime throughout the year for fruit harvesting.

There are six types of fruits that can be harvested at the farm. There are strawberries in the spring, grapes, apples, and pears in the summer, and mandarin oranges and Japanese persimmons in the fall and winter. Apples are in season in Kyushu during the middle of August, which is an unusual time for the fruit, and as a result Kichiji Orchards is particularly popular for apple picking.

Prices for fruit harvesting differs according to the type of fruit and the chosen harvesting process. There are two kinds of processes available; an all-you-can-eat (50 minute) course where you can eat fruit as you’re harvesting and a take-home course where you do not eat onsite and only pay for what you have harvested. If you are visiting during August, how about choosing the all-you-can-eat pear and apple courses and then bringing grapes home as souvenirs? This extravagant way of enjoying the orchard is also an option.

You will be able to enjoy yourself all day at the orchard with a café that offers sweets made from fruits and a shop where you can buy souvenirs situated next to the farms. There are many tourists that take their time resting at the café after eating the juicy fruits from the farm. Another aspect that travelers will appreciate is the café’s Wi-Fi.

No appointment is necessary if you are traveling by yourself. “Our staff are friendly, so please feel free to ask any questions such as how to identify which fruits are delicious and ripe and more!”

Once you visit the orchards once, you will want to visit once again during a different season. Please try visiting Kichiji Orchards.

Farm Name Tourist Farm Kichiji Orchards
Farm Information Kichiji Orchards, located in Kumamoto in central Kyushu, is a tourism farm where visitors can enjoy themselves all day by harvesting fruits, eating, and shopping. No appointments are necessary for the fruit harvesting experience and is a reason why the orchards are popular amongst tourists. Numerous regulars visit the orchards for the several types of fruits that can be enjoyed throughout the year.
Admission Fee Varies according to season and fruit
Hours 9:00 – 17:00 (strawberry harvesting begins at 10:00 –)
Closed None
Phone Number 096-273-2544
Postal Code 8610151
Address Kumamoto, Kumamoto, Kita, Uekimachi Kitome 556-1
Nearest Station JR Ueki Station
Access from the Station 5-minutes by taxi
Access by Car 15-minutes by car on the Kyushu Expressway Ueki Interchange
Wi-Fi Only available to café customers
Credit card Not accepted
Language support Basic English

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  • 2020strawberry picking
    January 5, 2021 ~ April 30, 2021
    ◇Reservations for 2021 will be announced on the Japan Fruit website in November.◇